According to International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Lord’s supper is the distinctive rite of Christian worship, instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ upon the eve of His atoning death, being a religious partaking of bread and wine, which, having been presented before God the Father in thankful memorial of Christ’s inexhaustible sacrifice, have become (through the sacramental blessing) the communion of the body and blood of Christ (compare John 6:54; Acts 2:42; 20:7,11; Rom 15:16; 1 Cor. 10:16; 11:23-26). This rite has been extended to all generation of Christian irrespective of their denomination. Though there are diverse opinions about the bread and wine given during the observant of this rite. There are three distinctive opinions; 1) that the bread in the real flesh of Jesus while the wine is his blood; 2) that the bread and the wine is only a symbol but Christ is physically present whenever the rite is being observe; 3) that the bread and wine is only a symbol and Christ is not physically available whenever the rite is being observed. To us as Baptist the bread and wine is only a symbol.
Today our focus is not on the controversies about what the bread and the wine mean but rather on the statement of Jesus at the first Lord Supper in Matthew 20:19-21, “do this in the remembrance of me.” In order to have a proper understanding of this text we shall look at the meaning of the word “remembrance” and what are we to remember about Jesus.
Anamnesis is a Greek word that means “a calling to mind,” from the roots ana-, “back,” and mnesis “to recall” or “to cause to remember. It can also mean recollection or remembrance. Remembrance here does not connote a memory of an individual who is dead but rather an affectionate recollection of a person who is no longer with you. The point of emphasis today is that as we gather at the table today, we must remember affectionately who Jesus is to us. Perhaps you don’t know him; this message today will remind you Jesus suppose to be to you.

b. What must we remember about him?
Whenever we are at remembrance service of our love ones who are died what are the thing that normally motivate our remembrance about them? We remember because of who they are to us and what they have done in our lives (their positive impact in our lives). For example a woman who lost her loving husband will always remember him for his love and cares when he was alive. Similarly we must remember Jesus for who he is to us.
 Who is Jesus?
• He is the savior of the whole world (John 3:6; Luke 2:11). Since he is the only heavenly accredited savior, he will save you from sin, sorrow, sickness and satanic oppression. The only way by which you can receive salvation, joy, healing and deliverance is by believing in him as your savior.
• He is a good shepherd (John 10: 14-18). As a good shepherd he has lay down his own life for all his sheep. He is ever willing to lead them beside still water and greener pastures (Ps. 23:1). No matter where you are toady in as much you are among his sheep you will hear his voice and you will come out of that pain and sorrow. You will not follow the path of destruction because he is your shepherd. As you partake of the bread and his blood, please remember that you have a good shepherd.
• He is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6; Matt.8:23-27). As the Prince of Peace he spoke to the storm and it calm down so also he will calm down every storm in your life, family, business and career.
• He is the light of the world (Luke. 1:79, 2:32; John 1:4-9). The world is the darkest part of God’s creation. Jesus came as the light so that we can follow his light and live under great heavenly illumination as we live on earth. When we follow his light will not stumble nor live a life full of error but rather will walk fast and smoothly.
• He is the healer and deliverer (Act.10:38; Luke 4:18-19). In spiritual manifesto it was very clear that he came as a deliverer and healer. He went about doing good healing people of sickness and diseases and delivering them from oppressive demons. As partake at his table today, remember no sickness or diseases can escape his anointing.
• He is the creature of the world (Col. 1:16-18). He created everything in the world by his creative power. Today as your creator he will He is the prince of peace Isaiah 9:6; Matt.8:23-27
• He is the light of the world Luke. 1:79, 2:32; John 1:4-9.

• He is the only powerful Lord (Matt 28:18). No one on earth or in heaven is as powerful as he is. All power in heaven and on earth has been given to him. Therefore as partake at his table he will exercise is full authority over everything that is oppressing you.
As we conclude our twenty-one day of fasting and prayer at his table and as you remember who he is, you will experience his double portion. We must always remember that Jesus is the most important personality at the table today. Therefore we must always remember him in all that we do as a Christian. Apart from these seven things listed above about whom he is. We need to remember also that Jesus is coming back again as king that will rule and judge the whole human race. Are you preparing for him?

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